LP Soccer
LP Soccer
Vic Garcia Era

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Fall of 1985 Team
1985 team
Back Row (From Left): 2nd-Brad Phipps(16), 4th-Bryan Krause(18), 5th-Kurt Myers(20),
7th-Mike Elliott(22), 8th-Todd Crandall(17), 10th David Mayfield(12), 11th-Arnie Sharp(10)
Front Row (From Left): 4th-Greg Arnold(GK), 6th-Scott Daubert(11)

Mike Elliott
Mike Elliott - BR 7th Above (22) - Tennessee
"Brazil is represented twice in the photo, with Romania, Sudan, Senegal, the Cayman Islands, and United States" M.E.

David Mayfield
David Mayfield - BR 10th Above (12) - California
Firefighter/Paramedic - Teacher

Scott Daubert
Scott Daubert - FR 6th Above (11) - Wisconsin
Trek Road Bike Brand Manager
With 1 year old son Conor

Kurt Myers
Kurt Myers - BR 5th Above (20) - Illinois
Sales Director & Consumer of Eric Bobby's (1984) Social Entrepreneurialism
With two daughters Samantha, 8 & Maggie,6

Bryan Krause
Bryan Krause - BR 4th Above (18) - Colorado
Principal - Windy Peak Outdoor Education Lab School

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