LP Soccer
LP Soccer
Vic Garcia Era

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Fall of 1990 Team
1991 team
Back Row (From Left): 3rd-Andreas Gehring(15), 4th-Greg Madden(19), 5th-Jay Gatlin(24), 6th-John Allen(23), 7th-Aaron Pike(16), 8th-Noah Dowd(11)
Middle Row (From Left): 4th-Jaimie Smith
Front Row (From Left): 1st-Scott Welsh, 2nd-Derek Stone, 3rd-Pat Haight, 5th-Bowe Hayes, 6th-Jason Kraemer

Patrick Haight
Patrick Haight - FR 3rd Above - Oregon
Audio/Visual Technology

Derek Stone
Derek Stone - FR 2nd Above - Colorado
Aircraft Market Specialist
Chase, Madison, Cameron, Derek, and Jody
Nephew Conner is in green in lower picture

Bowe Hayes
Bowe Hayes - FR 5th Above - Colorado
With his daughter Kaleigh

Jaime Smith
Jaime Smith - MR 4th Above - Idaho

Aaron Pike
Aaron Pike - BR 7th Above - New York
Director For Live Broadcast at WKBW

Jason Kraemer
Jason Kraemer - FR 6th Above - Colorado
U-6 Team - Carter (front and center) - Makayla (top left)
Physician Assistant - Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies

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