LP Soccer
LP Soccer
The Joe Schulman Year

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Fall of 1992 Team
1992 team
Back Row (From Left): 1st-Toni Furrer, 2nd-Casey Cooley, 3rd-Chris Strawn, 4th-Justin Bottin, 5th-Brett Rankin
Third Row (From Left): 2nd-Brian Schaeffer, 3rd-Matt Jones, 4th-Sean Smith
Second Row (From Left): 3rd-F.C. Carter

Chris Strawn
Chris Strawn - BR 3rd Above - Colorado
Civil Engineer
Kelsey, Andrew, Chris!, and Jacob

Toni Furrer
Toni Furrer - BR 1st Above - Colorado
Sales at Diacut

Brett Rankin
Brett Rankin - BR 5th Above - Colorado
Project Manager Construction Company

Casey Cooley
Casey Cooley - BR 2nd Above - Colorado
Environmental Biologist

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