LP Soccer
LP Soccer
Vic Garcia Era

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Fall of 1997 Team
Colorado State Quarterfinalist
1997 team
Back Row (From Left): 1st-Daryle Bogenrief(18), 2nd-Peter Martin(21), 5th-David Vandenberg(22), 7th-Justin Fischer(23), 8th-Gabe Kamm(14), 9th-Tim Lyons(10)
Front Row (From Left): 2nd-Kevin Kirkpatrick(11), 3rd-Brian Kirkpatrick(20), 4th-Jared Schleufer(GK)

In Memory of Daryle

Brian Kirkpatrick
Brian Kirkpatrick - 3rd-FR Above (20) - Colorado
Hewlett Packard New Jersey Sales Manager

Peter Martin
Peter Martin - 2nd-BR Above (21) - Colorado
DISH Network Fraud Investigator

Kevin Kirkpatrick
Kevin Kirkpatrick - 2nd-FR Above (20) - Colorado
Action Sports Marketing

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