LP Soccer
LP Soccer
Vic Garcia Era

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Fall of 1999 Team
Colorado State Finalist
1999 team

Class Of 2000
Class of 2000
Back: Eric Flom, Jordan Meylan, Justin DuBois
Front: Russ Aamodt, Brent Kobielush, Kevin Hill

Brent Kobielush
Brent Kobielush - GK - New York
Medical School - University of Rochester

Russ Aamodt
Russ Aamodt - Holding Trophy - Colorado
Target Outbound Group Leader Executive

Justin DuBois
Justin DuBois - Back Row Right - New Mexico
Software Developer - Sandia National Laboratories

Jordan Meylan
Jordan Meylan - BR Above - Colorado
Financial Analyst - Commercial Real Estate Investment

Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo A. Garcia -
Austin, Texas

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