LP Soccer
Class of 2001

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Fall of 2001 Team
2000 team
Thanks to Sean Rhynard for the above photo
I am looking for a color classic team photo - PLEASE!!!

Lewis-Palmer Men's Soccer
Juniors in Fall of 1999
2001 Team in Fall of 1999
Back (From Left): 1st-Sean Rhynard, 2nd-Ben Steininger, 3rd-Matt Warner, 4th-Nick Odil,
5th-Jeff Moore, 6th-Matt Salazar, 7th-Dustin Savage, 8th-David Colarossi
Front (From Left): 1st-Patrick Lally, 2nd-Travers Luker, 3rd-Jimmy Burling, 4th-Jared Heath, 5th-Chris Hovasse(GK)

Dustin Savage
Dustin Savage - BR 7th Above (21) - Colorado
Software Developer

Nick Odil
Nick Odil - BR 4th Above (12) - Colorado
Teacher - LPHS

Sean Rhynard
Sean Rhynard - BR 1st Above - California
Sales Consultant

Jim Burling
Jim Burling - FR 3rd Above - California
Account Manager

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